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The life and legacy of the world's most-beloved blind cat...The odds had always been stacked against Homer, the blind kitten nobody  wanted. But destiny took a hand the day he met Gwen Cooper, and with the publication twelve years later of the international best seller Homer’s Odyssey, Homer went from beloved house cat to world-wide star. He became the scourge and darling of the reporters, photographers, videographers, bloggers, and radio hosts who clamored to meet him—dragging his hapless human behind him as he greeted fame with his usual joie de vivre and occasional “catitude.” He became a spokes-cat for the cause of special-needs animals everywhere, and eventually the wise older mentor to the new special-needs kitten who would enter his and Gwen’s lives. Most importantly, Homer taught those who loved him best how to live and die with courage and joy—and left behind a rescue community of “Homer’s Heroes” that continues to save countless lives in his name.

By turns humorous and tender, this beautifully written, 115-page sequel concludes the adventures of Homer the Blind Wonder Cat—the fearless feline who proved that love isn’t something you see with your eyes, that even the smallest of creatures can make a big difference, and that true love lives forever.


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This Is How We Did It

Hi, all!  Just wanted to post a long-overdue update on the fundraiser for the 61 (originally 49--kitten season!) West Virginia kitties.

Thanks to the generosity of Homer's Heroes, we raised just a scooch over $15,000 for the rescue effort.  And thanks to the efforts of volunteers who worked in relay teams, the cats were driven to safety at no-kill shelters all over the Eastern Seaboard.  This has been an incredible example of the mountains we can move by working together!

After GoFundMe and WePay (their pay-out service) deducted roughly 10% in service fees, we netted $13,512.  After the fundraiser closed, however, I contributed $900 of my own--which effectively reduced the amount "lost" to service fees to 4%.  :)

Below is a breakdown of how the money was ultimately spent.  Listed first are the no-kill shelters that took the kitties in, and following that is an itemization of the additional costs for the rescue effort overall:

Kitty's Purrsuit of Happiness:   $2550

Forever Homer Feline Ranch:   $2040

Animal Service League of NY:   $680

Taylor County SPCA:   $2000

Seer Farms:   $3775

Good Mews:   $340

Good Mews cats' veterinary care:   $312

Good Hope Animal Hospital, WV:   $1657

Wheeler Veterinary Hospital, TN:   $227

New carriers plus shipping:   $374

Driver gas reimbursement:   $200

Facebook boost (for posts promoting the fundraiser):   $150

Bulk mailing to email list for donations, drivers, etc.:   $100

Grand Total:    $14,405

Each shelter received $170 per cat they took in, and a couple of shelters who took in older or particularly sick cats received a small additional amount.

The one thing that should be clear from this breakdown is that no one shelter received very much money, when all is said and done.  Anybody who's ever had to take a sick cat for emergency veterinary care knows how quickly even one cat can run up hundreds or thousands of dollars in medical costs--and many of the West Virginia cats were very, very sick when we rescued them.

The shelters that were generous and kind-hearted enough to rescue these cats can still use our ongoing support, as many of them are facing incredibly high veterinary bills.  If you would like to make an additional donation to one of these wonderful organizations, you may do so by following the links below!

Kitty's Purrsuit of Happiness

Forever Home Feline Ranch

Animal Service League of NY

Taylor County SPCA (their PayPal address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Seer Farms

Good Mews

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Blind Shelter Kitten Has His Very Own Seeing-Eye Cat

Blind Shelter Kitten Has His Very Own Seeing-Eye Cat

Blinkin' and Hefty have become in-house celebrities at the SPCA Albrecht Center in Aiken, South Carolina--mostly because of their extra-special relationship.

The two kittens aren't just best friends.  Hefty actually helps Blinkin', who is blind, get around on his own.

photo 1

Hefty, a fuzzy black kitten, was born at the SPCA. About a month later, Blinkin' was brought in as a stray. When shelter staff noticed that Blinkin' was blind back in June, they decided to see if matching him up with Hefty would help Blinkin' be more independent.

"We paired them up together and they've been together ever since," says the SPCA's Sarah Neikam. "It's really sweet to see them together."

photo 1 cover

Hefty helps Blinkin' out by guiding him wherever he needs to go and they spend all their time together, so obviously the two need to find a home together.

photo 3

The dynamic duo were featured as the "pets of the week" on a local news channel, but they still haven't found a home.

"These two have just stuck around with us," Neikam said. "We're still looking for the right home for them."

photo 4

Hopefully these two will find a home with an understanding family, who will make sure they live long, happy lives as best friends and partners in crime.

If you're interested in giving these two their forever home, please contact the SPCA Albrecht Center!

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A book designed by selfless cats to raise money for those in need.


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IF YOU'RE BUYING THE PHYSICAL BOOK FROM A MOBILE DEVICE, you may encounter technical difficulties on CreateSpace. (I've just been told that their site doesn't work super-well from mobile devices). If that happens, please complete your purchase later from a desktop or laptop. You may also email info(at)createspace(dot)com for tech support!

Photos of cats are everywhere—but how many of those photos were taken by the cats themselves?

Behold Kittenish—a send-up of Kim Kardashian's bestselling selfies book, Selfish—featuring hundreds of photos of cats, by cats. The cats in Kittenish have captured themselves at their most playful, affectionate, and haphazard moments, and the result is an unforgettable collection that's equal parts hilarious and heart-tugging. There's even a black-page section for the "sexy selfies." (Warning: Very few cats consented to wear costumes for Kittenish, so most of these selfies are nudes.)

100% OF THE PROCEEDS FROM KITTENISH WILL GO TO HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL, TO ASSIST THEIR ONGOING ANIMAL-RESCUE EFFORTS IN NEPAL. The minimum price for Kittenish is $3.99, but you're free to give more than that if you'd like. We're hoping that some of you will.

Brought to you by Gwen Cooper, the bestselling author of Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, and "Homer's Heroes"—Homer the Blind Wonder Cat's community of rescuers and "furiends"—Kittenish will bring hours of joy to animal lovers, and life-saving aid to animals in need.

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