Blind Shelter Kitten Has His Very Own Seeing-Eye Cat

Blind Shelter Kitten Has His Very Own Seeing-Eye Cat

Blinkin' and Hefty have become in-house celebrities at the SPCA Albrecht Center in Aiken, South Carolina--mostly because of their extra-special relationship.

The two kittens aren't just best friends.  Hefty actually helps Blinkin', who is blind, get around on his own.

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Hefty, a fuzzy black kitten, was born at the SPCA. About a month later, Blinkin' was brought in as a stray. When shelter staff noticed that Blinkin' was blind back in June, they decided to see if matching him up with Hefty would help Blinkin' be more independent.

"We paired them up together and they've been together ever since," says the SPCA's Sarah Neikam. "It's really sweet to see them together."

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Hefty helps Blinkin' out by guiding him wherever he needs to go and they spend all their time together, so obviously the two need to find a home together.

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The dynamic duo were featured as the "pets of the week" on a local news channel, but they still haven't found a home.

"These two have just stuck around with us," Neikam said. "We're still looking for the right home for them."

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Hopefully these two will find a home with an understanding family, who will make sure they live long, happy lives as best friends and partners in crime.

If you're interested in giving these two their forever home, please contact the SPCA Albrecht Center!

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